The IGD will be a full day event with an opening plenary session where a presentation of a short documentary (human interest story of a young person who dropped out of school because they made the wrong choices due to lack of sexuality Education.) will be screened to highlight the status of sexuality education.


A keynote address will later be delivered by the guest of honor that will spark off the breakaway discussions for an in depth discussions on the day’s topics. The breakaway sessions will have various themes one and several personalities will participate in the panel to guide and steer conversations through sharing of experiences, technical knowledge and inspiration in these fields. The sessions will focus on policy implementation, innovations on implementation of existing SRH policies and school environment’s adoption of the existing SRH policy frameworks.

This will culminate into a plenary discussion based on the findings from each of the breakaway sessions above.

Opening Plenary

Participants will focus on giving a sectoral overview of the current issues surrounding the implementation of SRH policies targeting young people. They will also discuss the challenges posed by recent developments locally, as well as opportunities for a collaborative multi-sector based on shared values.

Breakaway session (i) Headteachers’ Share 101

This session will focus on implementation of the reproductive health policies in schools. The session that will attract 50 secondary school administrators/headteachers, will also discuss key focal issues in schools including but not limited to sexual harassment of both male and female students by teachers, defining the age of consent, role of parents and teachers associations in addressing SRHR challenges of students and measures of discipline for teachers found guilty of misconduct in respect to SRHR. This session will also come up with synergies of implementing the frameworks and commitments by the head teachers towards improving young people’s SRHR in schools.

Breakaway session (ii) Effective implementation of youth SRH policies

This session will focus on how to get the best out of the current policies and devise ways through which they can better be implemented for young people. Key policies to be discussed include the Adolescent Health Policy and the School Health Policy and it will attract Members of Parliament, Technocrats from the line ministries (Education and Sports, Health and Gender, labour & Social Development) as well as development partners. Discussions will focus on addressing gaps in the implementation of these policies for example a review of the channels of access to SRH information by young people and the monitoring of the implementation of these policies.

Breakaway session (iii) Leveraging innovations in accelerating access to reproductive health services specifically HIV and Family planning to young people.

The third session will focus on innovations in Uganda that are fast tracking access to health services focusing on HIV testing, treatment and prevention, access to modern contraception and sexual reproductive health services. It will also explore new paradigms, innovative ideas, and strategies that would meaningfully address emerging SRHR issues, challenges, accountability of stakeholders in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.