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Saturday16 December 2017

What we do


At RAHU, emphasis is put on imparting the youth with knowledge about their sexual and reproductive health in a bid to spread the message to fellow youth. We seek to extend this knowledge to various communities in Uganda by carrying out trainings and peer activities as platforms to pass on this message.

Through implementing strategic and behavioral change communication interventions such as; working with volunteers/peer educators at schools (peer to peer), mentorship programs making use of role models and inspirational speakers, establishing strategic collaborations with other actors working in the field of SRHR, use of television, radio and online media, entertainment, drama and creative art, we are making strides in the dissemination of SRHR information to the youth by communicating issues concerning youth sexuality and well-being. We build skills and reach out to other young people and encourage them to positively enjoy the aspects of their sexuality and sexual health.


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