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Saturday16 December 2017

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The 2016 #iKnowKati music concerts

Last Date: 17 09 2016

Our friends in Lira and Kabale, this one is for you! In partnership with the Global Livingston Institute, we are pleased to announce that our 2016 #iKnowKati music concerts are on! This time, the concerts are bigger and better. We have expanded to rural communities with a lot of stuff lined up.

What is this all about?

It is simple. Through our iKnow Project, we raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in rural communities through an integrated outreach approach using edutainment to test and create awareness for HIV/AIDS, particularly among young people between 18-24 years as well as youth below the age of 35.

Oooh.. so If I’m in Lira or Kabale, why should I attend?

Through use of music and arts performances, young people in those two rural communities will be brought together to acquire information on HIV/AIDS through music concerts, mass sensitization drives on HIV prevention, HIV Testing and Counseling, condom distribution and demonstration.


Lira you’re first. Come September 10th, we are going to spend the whole day at Mayor’s Gardens.

Next stop will be in Kabale on September 17th at Kabale Stadium.

What if I’m not in Lira or Kabale and I would like to participate?

Say no more! On Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media platform, fall in using the hashtag #iKnowKati and contribute to the conversation.


We shall drop that “the best things in life are free” line and move on.

The line up:

We know you have been waiting for this, right? For Lira, your home boy Coco Finger is the headliner. For Kabale, the Njogereza king, Navio, will be the headliner. That is not all. Be it Lira or Kabale, Geosteady, Fik Fameika, Ray Signature, Fille, Van Data will be there!

We will also have surprise artists from USA. You will know when you come. We are not going to give you a clue :)

This has been made possible by The Global Livingston Institute, Segal Family Foundation, US Mission in Kampala, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Odyssey House Louisiana, Metairie Bank, Ultra Mobile, Entusi Resort and Retreat Center, NBS Television and Events Warehouse.

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  • I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster-Fille.png
  • Van-Data-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster.png
  • Geosteady-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster(1).png
  • Ray-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster.png
  • Andrew-Ward-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster.png
  • Jon-Mahaffey-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster.png
  • Fik-Fameika-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster.png
  • Tom-larson-I-know-Kati-Concert-Poster.png



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