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Thursday23 November 2017

What if we told you we lit up Mayuge with #LoveMuKibanda, would you believe?


Roses, music in the air, holding hands, fancy dinners, poetry and glamorous dresses are one of the very many special things that people think about when you talk of Valentine’s Day. You will be surprised at what we think about, perhaps the narration below will make you understand our valentine thoughts!


High-five to everyone who turned up or followed #Voices4Health. You rock!

voicesforhealth small

How often do we take care of our families or other people who live close to us? We’re talking about that old proverb of charity begins at home and it indeed brought us to home (Heritage Village (Kitalanga), Kansanga) last Wednesday for #Voices4Health.


Wrapping up #BetterLife4Girls community dialogues in Eastern Uganda.


The need to improve girls’ lives by ending child marriage and teenage pregnancy had us in Eastern Uganda this previous week. We drew  roadmap stretch over the districts of Butaleja, Mayuge and Iganga with the aim of devising sustainable ways of ending child marriages and teenage pregnancies.

Butaleja, our first destination, had us kick off with different dialogues for different groups which included the  youth, religious leaders, community leaders and parents to gather their take on under-age marriage and teenage pregnancies in the district.


Delivering as one to kick HIV/AIDS out of Karamoja


Karuna launch

Just a over a decade ago, Karamoja used to be a model region with the lowest HIV prevalence rates in Uganda despite the fact that it was neighboring the insecure northern region. According to the 2006 Uganda Health Demographic Survey, HIV/AIDS prevalence in Karamoja was at 3.5%.

But now that is history. The rates just escalated to 5.3%, from 3.5 % in 2006, compared to the national HIV/AIDS prevalence rate which stood at 7.3%. This is according to the 2014 National Housing and Population Report.


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