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Thursday23 November 2017

Investing in Teenage Girls: Dancing to the Beat of Girl Empowerment


In partnership with UNFPA, we held a series of activities in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb in commemoration of the 2016 World Population Day under the theme "Harnessing Uganda's Demographic Dividend: Invest in teenage girls". The events had peer educators as well as sexual reproductive health experts sharing information about Teenage Pregnancy prevention, HIV/AIDS testing and counselling focused on adolescents as well as a call to end child marriage through word of mouth, dance, acrobatics as well as designed t-shirts and placards with key messages on the theme.


6 days of #LifeInMyShoes annual youth health camp that changed young people

life in my shoes camp thumb

From Hana Mixed School to the world via social media with #LifeInMyShoes, our 3rd Annual Youth Health Camp that ran from May 22nd to 28th, registered a lot of success with over 600 majorly in-school youth between the ages of 10 - 24 years attending from across East Africa.


The tragedy of unsafe abortions in Uganda #IntlMHDay

unsafe abortion in uganda

Fateful memories of the day December 3rd, 2015 do not torment the parents and friends of the late Irene Kyakunda until they realize she died as a result of an unsafe abortion at the age of 19.

Irene’s body who was just a first-year public administration student at Kampala International University at the time of her death, was discovered on Tuesday, November 1st in the swamps adjacent to Nakimese Zone in Wakiso District. Her body was tied with ropes, her dress was torn to shreds and there was blood on her legs – indicators of rape and murder. The post mortem report almost a month later, revealed that she died after procuring backstreet abortion-- the second time.


Here is a brilliant poem about safe sex that made us fall in love with World Poetry Day

safe sex poem


Across the world on every March 21, the world comes together to celebrate poetry in all its glory.

No set rules are laid down for how to mark it. Be it any topic, you can read some poetry. You can perform it. You can write a poem. You can pop along and listen to someone read theirs.


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