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Tuesday26 September 2017

World Aids Day: Let’s Rewrite The Rules on HIV



It is 2015 and our perception of HIV/AIDS has greatly changed ever since the disease emerged in Uganda in the 1980s. There are all kinds of treatments and resources — things that simply didn't exist when the epidemic began.

However, does this mean that the killer disease is no longer alive in Uganda? Absolutely not. Many young people continue to contract HIV, and even though reduced, people continue to succumb to AIDS, in spite of the existence of life prolonging drugs which help contain the disease.


2015 Peer Educators’ Refresher Training

Peer Educators Academy

On 11th September, 2015 our Peer Educators underwent a refresher training on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and how best to communicate to the different stakeholders within the community on issues of youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. Laced with role plays, direct interactions and presentations, it was back to the basics. Questions such as; “what is CSE? Who should receive information on CSE? How to involve parents and guardians in CSE for young people?” were tackled and the Peer Educators were tasked to describe how they’d go about handling the questions and different situations.


The GYMO journey 2015

RAHU Peer Educator, 2015

The Peer Educators Academy 2015 fellows (#PEA2015) are a unique and amazing group of young people, who we’ve seen growing to highly informed bold communicators, problem solvers, creative thinkers and good reproductive health advocates. #PEA2015 Peer Educators have carried out numerous school outreaches since they were passed out of the Academy.


#ItsNotOnItsNotSafe Party, another shindig...

itsnotonitsnotsafe2Condoms are incredibly important, for obvious reasons like bypassing any baby-mama drama, and for preventing the transmission of any pesky STIs. Some people don’t put a latex sock on it despite the benefits. So, to make sure every young person has safe sex for a healthy future, Reach A Hand together with UHMG, UNFPA and Talent Africa are throwing a condom party. Expect amazing edutainment, loads of food and drinks.


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