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Thursday23 November 2017

This Valentine’s day, If it's not on, It's not safe. Katekeko!

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Valentine’s day in Uganda is largely a celebration of love where family, couples and partners use different gestures to express their affection for their loved ones. Often times, especially among couples and partners in sexual relationships, the different gestures translate into sexual activity.


2016 Peer Educators passed out!



Last Thursday night marked the official end of the 3rd annual Peer Educators’ Academy intensive training which was conducted at Victoria University in the heart of Kampala.

The closing ceremony, was held at Seven Trees Restaurant in Kololo, Kampala and was graced by Dr. Maggie Kigozi as the chief guest together with parents and participants both in the previous and current class.


The 2016 Peer Educators’ Academy kicks off


The year 2016 has started with us heading straight into one of our 2016 resolutions- a bigger and better Peer Educators’ Academy.

As you read this, over 50 young people between the ages of 15 - 24 years are going through an intensive and vigorous training on sexual reproductive health and rights at Victoria University where they are being equipped with comprehensive knowledge to become advocates of health lives for their peers.


World Aids Day: Let’s Rewrite The Rules on HIV



It is 2015 and our perception of HIV/AIDS has greatly changed ever since the disease emerged in Uganda in the 1980s. There are all kinds of treatments and resources — things that simply didn't exist when the epidemic began.

However, does this mean that the killer disease is no longer alive in Uganda? Absolutely not. Many young people continue to contract HIV, and even though reduced, people continue to succumb to AIDS, in spite of the existence of life prolonging drugs which help contain the disease.


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