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We are trying to break down policies for all young people to read and understand. Check out our evolving publication page and share for someone to read and learn something new.

Advocacy and Policy Briefs

  • Bringing the National School Health policy to Fruition
    For close to 18 years now, the draft National School Health Policy has been on the shelves. In this policy brief, we discuss how this remains a big hinderance of access to health education by young people in schools. Read the policy brief here.

  • Adolescents and young people: The state of their sexual and reproductive health and rights in Uganda.

    To maintain young people’s sexual and reproductive health, access to accurate information (e.g. seek, receive, and impart information related to sexuality) and a choice of safe, effective, affordable contraception options are key. Check the policy brief here.

  • Teenage pregnancies: Empowering young girls to return to school after teenage pregnancy.

    Teenage pregnancies remain one of the leading reasons why young girls drop out of school. Key factors underlying these causes are inadequate access to sexuality education, and to accessible, affordable, and appropriate contraception. Check out the policy brief here.

  • SRHR Analysis of the 2020 Police Crime Report.

    Compiled by our Advocacy department, this analysis posits that the police have made tremendous strides in curbing crimes relating to SRHR and documenting the recorded crimes on an annual basis, however,  it also recognizes that there is a lot to be desired.  The analysis will contextualize the findings, identify gaps and offer recommendations based on the acceptable standards of SRHR. Read the full analysis here.

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