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The Girls Festival is an annual event that celebrates young women. The event highlights the key problems that affect young girls in and out of school while simultaneously bringing together policy actors, development partners, youth leaders and key stakeholders working towards opportunities and solutions that are women centered. The festival further celebrates milestones achieved in the gender equity movement across different disciplines including SRHR and livelihoods.
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About the festival

Reach a Hand Uganda, will hold a 1-day event on September 2nd, 2023 dabbed the Brave Girls Festival, the event will be aimed at celebrating the girl child and women around the country, under the theme “ Creating Support Structures to Address Gender Inclusion Gaps”.

The festival will be implemented through the gender transformative lens with a  focus on young people specifically girls while fostering youth-adult partnerships that bridge the power dynamics gap and engage men as collaborators in efforts to highlight different issues of Gender inequality.

The event will celebrate and highlight how intergenerational approaches and digital spaces can be used as tools for bridging gender equity gaps.

Its activities will be designed to promote a feedback mechanism for sharing opinions and solutions to Gender inequality, unequal division of care and limited access to civic spaces by young people, particularly girls.

The buildup to the festival will involve a week-long of buildup activities. Through this activity, RAHU will engage a number of key stakeholders in conversations around creating Opportunities for inclusion in employment,  and decision-making processes and supporting girls and young women to break barriers.

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