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The Peer Educators Academy is a mentorship program through which youth are trained, mentored and empowered to become leaders and change-makers, Since 2014, the academy has equipped young people with information and skills enabling them to make informed SRHR choices & reach out to their peers both in and out of school, The Academy begins with a one-month training of 65 to 70 young people annually which is followed by a 1-year fellowship program involving activities in community engagement, advocacy, communication and innovation.
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Applications for the 2022 Peer Educators' Academy is CLOSED!

Are you between the ages of 18-24??

Are you looking for leadership training, mentorship, networking and to acquire Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights information, and life skills? Then the Peer Educators Academy is here for you.

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Equipping young people with Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights information

The Peer Educators Academy is an initiative that we started in January 2014. We established this programme to equip young people in and out of school between the ages of 17-24 years with information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) as well as other life skills to support their peers.

Through this programme, we believe peers will develop transferable work-related skills such as communication and presentations skills, advising, counseling, leadership and teamwork experience among others. Through the multiplier effect, we believe these young people will transfer these skills to other young people to help young people to make informed life choices.