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The musical project seeks to inspire young people through music and songs laced with SRHR information. The songs and performances under this project are carried out by RAHU Cultural icons in an effort to inspire and motivate the young people through familiar avenues like music.

  • Geosteady - Get Up Speak Out ft Rockies Troupe

    A Reach A Hand musical project. The Get Up Speak out program is centered on a Theory of Change that emphasizes a multi component Rights Based Approach in developing interventions to enhance social change Young people are extremely vulnerable, often facing barriers to SRH information and care. General attitudes towards young people expressing their views are not conducive. Written by Geosteady Blackman Audio by Dr Fizol

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOS5FqAjk5s

    Kaleke Kasome Remix - Featuring Maurice Hass, GNL Zamba, Phibi Jody, Ray Signature

    Kaleke Kasome Remix - Featuring Maurice Hass, GNL Zamba, Phibi Jody, Ray Signature is part of the RAHU Musical Project supported Rutgers WPF

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE2EpEn9Svs

    If its not on, Its not Safe featuring GNL , Jazmine, Ray Signature, Jody Phibi & Big Trill

    The “If It’s Not on Its Not Safe” song is intended to inspire and encourage young people take care of their health by practicing safer sexual behavior, making informed choices and choosing to be responsible citizens and make a change in their communities by using condoms correctly and consistently.

    Its Supported by UNFPA Uganda through Uganda Health Marketing Group through their If Its Not On Its Not Safe Campaign

  • Your Ways - Nyanda, GNL, Ray Signature, Irene Ntale, Big Tril, Maurice Hasa

    Theme Song for Uganda's REACH A HAND Campaign...whose focus is to educate the Youth on issues of SRHR. The Song features Nyanda, alonside Uganda's Top Artists GNL, RAY , Irene Ntale, Big Tril and Maurice Hasa.

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