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Living Life for inspiration- Miss Madi
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Living Life for inspiration- Miss Madi

  • Christine uses her position to inspire young girls in West Nile

  • Christine demonstrates to girls how to use condoms

“My dream is to see a transformed society in West Nile, a gender-based violence-free community. A community where we work together to educate our children and help them build and live their dreams. A community where we are passionate about causing a difference economically, socially, and politically. A place where girls go to school and work very hard towards individual and collective community development. This will, in the long run, reduce on early child marriages and pregnancies. We can only achieve this if we partner up with different stakeholders who are really interested in this movement.”
These are words of Christine Letio, the renown Miss Madi 2018/2019 speaking to the masses that turned up for the Integrated Community Activation in Moyo district to receive quality free sexual reproductive health, family planning and Gender-Based Violence information and services by Reach A Hand Uganda and partners.

While speaking to the enthusiastic crowd, Christine remarked that growing up in an army barracks was not reason enough for her give up on the dreams she always held dear as a child. Losing her mother-her inspiration, earlier this year was a huge stumble, but she pushes on to realise her dreams.

Christine envisions starting a foundation in West Nile to help young girls in skills development and training. “ I have been through this life, Madi region is a place that lacks knowledge about health services and I want to be an instrument for change in the area. I want to see every girl achieve their dreams” says Christine.

She adds that there are no people to talk to young girls about matters concerning their sexual reproductive health, hence most are left to learn on their own.

West Nile region of Uganda is home to majorly youth aged 15-35 years, many of whom have dropped out of school due to several factors. The majority being girls who have become mothers at a very tender young age, surviving on agricultural produce sold for income to support livelihoods. In a region where misconceptions about family planning are many, so there is an urgent need for extensive sensitisation. Some men in the region believe that when a man has paid the bride price, it is his entitlement to have as many children from the wife as he possibly can.

And because most people are poor, this has greatly contributed to the high rise of sexual gender-based violence in the community. It’s deplorable that many do not talk about this and they do not seek the help they need.“It is on this basis that I would love to go to different communities, schools to do more on sensitization and advocate on girls going to school, give them career guidance and training in cooperation with other partners who are interested,” says Christine. The sexual reproductive champion and icon advised the young people that, “people will through stones at you but it is upon you to use them for good or bad.

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