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Inspiring young people to take action at the Live Your Dream Moment in Agago District
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Inspiring young people to take action at the Live Your Dream Moment in Agago District

Agago Live Your Dream

High light from the Live Your Dream Moment in Agago

  • Charles Okot a 27-year-old farmer and businessman is a CARE Role model man

  • 23-year-old Kalla Ayango story is one filled with resilience and grit

On Tuesday, November 12, multitudes turned up to grace the first-ever Live Your Dream Moment event in Agago District. Organized together with UNFPA Uganda, The event was held at Patong Akwee Primary School in Agago District under the theme “Overcoming Social Pressures to Live Your Dream.”

Community youth role models Charles Okot and Kalla Ayango were the keynote speakers at the event, where they shared their experiences, challenges and what they have done to overcome them.

The Live Your Dream campaign seeks to inspire action towards a better life for young people and women by promoting the well being of the family. One of the major pillars for the Live Your Dream Campaign is With You(th), which focuses on investing in young people to unleash their full potential. This is done by engaging influential icons to share their personal experience on different social issues that affect young people in Uganda.

Okot a 27-year-old farmer and businessman is a CARE Role model man.

“As an orphan who dropped out of school in senior four and started off as a boda boda rider, I hope that my story can inspire young people out there to get out of their comfort zone and strive to better their livelihoods, said Okot, a he shared his inspirational story and encouraged young people to follow their dreams.

He is the chairperson of the role model men in Patong, Agago and this allows him to mentor other men from the village and educates them about the need to end gender-based violence.

The second icon at the event, 23-year-old Kalla shared her story that is one of resilience and grit. In 2011, after delivering her first baby while in primary seven, Kalla was only 15. Kalla shares that, “by 2016 I was a mother of three with nothing to my name but I had to work hard for my children.”

She decided to join DYNAMIC as a peer educator as she lacked what to do at the time.
“This was a turning point of my life,” she remarked. Armed with life and financial literacy skills, Kalla returned home and started a youth group where she passed on knowledge.

Using savings from the Village Savings Group, Kalla ventured into farming and is now a produce dealer. She advises young people to focus on education and also develop a culture of saving.

The event was hosted by local radio personality Steven Okello who works with Radio Piiwa as a presenter for the Drive Show. He also works in the community on a peace and reconciliation initiative called “Women hanyin” translated to mean “we see ahead.

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