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‘MyAuntFloExperience’ Menstrual Hygiene contest – 2020 is open!
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‘MyAuntFloExperience’ Menstrual Hygiene contest – 2020 is open!

Missed taking part in our #MyAuntFloExperience campaign last year? Worry not! It is back, the contest is officially on and you too can take part in the 2020 edition.

A little background! 

In celebration of the 2020  Menstrual Hygiene day (MH day), Reach A Hand Uganda and partners are running an educational engagement series of activities aimed at increasing awareness on menstrual care and demystifying the negative stereotypes associated with menstruations. Globally this year’s MH Day theme is aimed at breaking the silence on menstruation, raising awareness on the same, while challenging negative social norms around menstruation.


The #MyAuntFloExperience campaign activities will include avenues to engage the online community, schools, and communities while stirring up conversation among policymakers on the same.

The #MyAuntFloExperience campaign is a contest categorized into three (3) sections i.e.

  1.  Interschool Essay contest (open to only young people in schools),
  2. Online Blog and poem(written) contest (open to all)
  3. Social Media video clip (open to all) contest.

We decided to use the colloquial term ‘Aunt Flo’ in the hashtag because it sounds sassier and would create some talkability (especially among those who have no idea what it is).