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‘MyAuntFloExperience’ Menstrual Hygiene contest – 2020 is open!
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‘MyAuntFloExperience’ Menstrual Hygiene contest – 2020 is open!

Missed taking part in our #MyAuntFloExperience campaign last year? Worry not! It is back, the contest is officially on and you too can take part in the 2020 edition.

A little background! 

In celebration of the 2020  Menstrual Hygiene day (MH day), Reach A Hand Uganda and partners are running an educational engagement series of activities aimed at increasing awareness on menstrual care and demystifying the negative stereotypes associated with menstruations. Globally this year’s MH Day theme is aimed at breaking the silence on menstruation, raising awareness on the same, while challenging negative social norms around menstruation.


The #MyAuntFloExperience campaign activities will include avenues to engage the online community, schools, and communities while stirring up conversation among policymakers on the same.

The #MyAuntFloExperience campaign is a contest categorized into three (3) sections i.e.

  1.  Interschool Essay contest (open to only young people in schools),
  2. Online Blog and poem(written) contest (open to all)
  3. Social Media video clip (open to all) contest.

We decided to use the colloquial term ‘Aunt Flo’ in the hashtag because it sounds sassier and would create some talkability (especially among those who have no idea what it is).

Interschool Essay contest:

Under 500 words, tell us what can be done to better menstrual hygiene management among young girls in Uganda. The best essay will win 1,000,000 shs for their school /institutions. The deadline for submissions is 17th May 2020.

  • Eligibility

    Participants in this category must be in High school i.e. S.1 to S6 or its equivalent for those in international schools. Plagiarized works will lead to immediate disqualification.

  • Guidelines

    Essays are sent on behalf of the school by an individual. Therefore, prizes are won for the school and not for the individual writer. The text should be in a clear and readable handwriting or typed When submitting. Endeavor to indent your name and your school’s contact address. Submission should be sent to our email address info@reachahand.org with a clear subject line or our WhatsApp number +256 414 697 037.

  • Prizes

    The winner of this essay competition will win UGX 1,000,000 for their school/institution and invites to RAHU events for the winning writers.

#MyAuntFloExperience Social Media video Challenge

This is a social media video challenge that will have people share their most memorable menstrual period experience. These could be unexpected incidents, uncomfortable, funny and relatable to those watching and we intend to open this with having notable female figures record 2 - minute video clips detailing their most memorable period experience and then evoke reactions from viewers prompting them to share theirs too. Note that the challenge is not only limited to girls/women, boys and men are also encouraged to share stories of their daughters, siblings, girlfriends, and spouses.

  • Eligibility:

    The 2-minute max Videos uploaded must have the hashtag #MyAuntFloExperience. The contest is open to everyone.

  • Guidelines:

    Contestants should upload their videos clip on their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Tik Tok) and include the hashtag #MyAuntFloExperience, for us to be able to track them. A link to the post should also be shared to our WhatsApp number +256 414 697 037  including your names and direct phone to contact you. The deadline for submissions is 17th May 2020.

  • Prizes:

    Best video clip with the most engagement (including comments and reactions /likes), shares and viewership to win UGX  500,000.

Online Bloggers Contest:

Are you a blogger with a keen interest in Sexual Reproductive Health Rights? Have you ever thought about what we as people can do to better Menstrual health Management among young people? We would like to hear from you about the situation from your point of view and what can be done to combat this situation. In not more than 700 words, write a blog sharing your take on what can be done. Note that citing possible changemakers is to your advantage.

  • Eligibility:

    This Blog contest is open to all Bloggers. You should have an individual and active blog site.

  • Guidelines:

    Blogs should not be more than 700 words and only published blogs shall be considered. When published a link should be shared on social media with hashtag #MyAuntFloExperience. Also shared with us via our WhatsApp number +256 414 697 037 or via email info@reachahand.org.

  • Prizes:

    Winning Blogger will walk away with a cash prize of  UGX700,000.

Contest terms and conditions

  • All published blog links or Video Clips must be shared on social media with the hashtag #MyAuntFloExperience. and tagged to our social media handles, Twitter: @reachahand, @sautiplus, and Facebook: SautiPlus and Reach A Hand or sent to us on email info@reachahand.org or to our Whatsapp number +256 414 697 037
  • By participating in this contest and sending your content to us, you agree to it being reposted and content utilized by us on our platforms and their subsequent affiliates for as long as it is needed to create awareness on the.
  • This campaign is aimed at creating awareness about menstrual hygiene management. Therefore, submissions that are shared with personal experiences or experienced by people close to you are encouraged.
  • The deadline for receiving submissions is 17th May 2020 by 05:00 PM.  You are however encouraged to constantly share your submissions constantly online to increase engagement.
  • This call is not open to any RAHU peer educator, youth champions, cultural icons, any current or former staff member, but they are all encouraged to share this opportunity with people in their networks.

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  1. Ernest Ahomugisha

    Hello RAHU family,
    Since 2016 when i became part of you through a conference that i attended after a submission of the winning essay about sexual reproduction, and have since then shared the obtained training and knowledge with peers, i got so interested in your educative programmes that i always visit your page for information about your events.
    You have indeed credibly served Uganda and impacted the lives of many youths both in this country and globally. May the candle that you have lit continue to blossom.


    So grateful n I’m looking forward being in the team this year after missing like 4 years Noe on. RAU

  3. Tamales Agape Raymond Nkoyooyo

    This is adorable and so helpful to the sensitization of the social media world.

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