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Menplus is a campaign that seeks to promote the full involvement of men in Family Planning as promoters (champions), users (taking up FP methods) and partners (offering support to their Spouses).

Objectives of Menplus

  • Promoting and enabling the use of ¬†voluntary vasectomy as part of the overall contraception method mix targeted towards men.
  • Promoting the view of men and women as equal productive and Reproductive beings.
  • Promoting and enabling the use of dual methods of protection for especially Young women and Men in rural and urban areas of Uganda to secure their contraceptive choices.
  • Using socially targeted campaigns to demystify myths towards different FP methods for men and women.

Our approach

  • Using male champions to speak for the added value of Family Planning selected from the different communities.
  • Recruiting and orienting agents from within male dominant ¬†groups such as at workplaces, drinking joints to be FP distributors/as well as referrals.
  • Working with VHTs to refer male clients within their communities.
  • Working with public health facilities to promote and provide information/services on male services.
  • Conducting community outreaches and providing integrated services
  • Conducting mass media and flash mobs activities in target districts in collaboration with the District Health Offices.

Where are we operating

  • Kampala
  • Mityana
  • Gulu
  • Mbarara
  • Hoima
  • Arua
  • Iganga

Key actors

  • RAHU (mobilisation and campaigning)
  • RHU (services delivery and community entry)
  • District Health Offices (Technical support, service delivery, community entry)
  • CDFU (communications hotline)
  • Media houses (message roll out)
  • Obulamu (materials adaptation)
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