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AFRIpads is a social enterprise that specializes in the local manufacturing and global supply of reusable sanitary pads as a cost-effective menstrual hygiene solution for millions of women and girls worldwide. AFRIpads has its operational office in Uganda, with sales offices in Kenya and Malawi. By operating as a social business and employing a 90% female staff responsible for manufacturing its innovative menstrual hygiene solution, AFRIpads is dedicated to creating unique opportunities that empower women and girls across the globe.
AFRIpads has a commercial arm called So Sure. So Sure Reusable Sanitary pads are the leading brand of cloth, washable sanitary pads that are made from high-performance textiles, highly absorptive, quick-drying and stain-free providing superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort. So Sure pads can be used effectively for 12+ months due to the cloth, washable design; making it a durable, cost-saving alternative.
RAHU partners with AFRIpads under the So Sure brand to drive sales traffic for the product while economically empowering its peer educators to earn a stipend from the overall sales made.

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