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Call for a Communications Consultant for the Generation Gender Project.
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Call for a Communications Consultant for the Generation Gender Project.


Reach A Hand Uganda is an indigenous, Youth centred Organisation founded in 2011.  RAHU is focused on the provision of accurate Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services, HIV/AIDS prevention and livelihoods promotion for young people aged 10 to 30 years. RAHU is part of the Generation Gender Consortium, The Generation G partnership is a collaboration of partners in seven countries i.e. Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda with a global consortium consisting of Rutgers (lead), ABAAD, Equimundo and Sonke Gender Justice.

RAHU, therefore, seeks to recruit a consultant to lead the development of the Generation Gender Uganda Coalition Communication strategy.

Generation Gender Uganda Project Overview.

The Generation Gender project is a comprehensive initiative focused on empowering young people to promote Gender Justice through advocacy, policy reform, and the strengthening of civil society. The primary objectives of the project include addressing gender-based violence, tackling the unequal division of care responsibilities, and advocating for increased women’s access to civic space. The Generation Gender Programme Uganda is being implemented by 3 coalition partners i.e. Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD), The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA Uganda) and Reach A Hand Uganda.

The project aims to achieve the following outcomes.

The organisations contribute to the 3 Long Term Objectives (LTOs), LTO 1, aims at increasing and mobilising public support for gender justice and addressing gender-based violence both on and offline. LTO 2, focuses on strengthening gender-transformative and youth-inclusive policy-making and legislation, targeting leaders. while LTO3 envisions a strong, inclusive and resilient civil society that can promote gender justice.

Scope of Work.

The Communications Consultant will be responsible for developing a comprehensive communications strategy for the Generation Gender project. The strategy should encompass both online and offline channels to effectively reach and engage the target audience of young people 15 – 32 years, primarily consisting of young people.

Key Responsibilities.

-Conduct a thorough situational analysis to understand the current attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge related to Gender Justice among young people and the broader public.
-Identify communication channels and platforms that are most relevant and accessible to the target audience.
-Develop clear and measurable communication objectives aligned with the project’s goals.
-Create a strong and consistent project brand and messaging that resonates with young people and the general public.
-To review and realign each organisational partner communication strategy
-Propose creative and innovative communication campaigns that are dynamic and appealing to the intended audience  (Young People) to raise awareness about Gender Justice issues, gender-based violence, care division, and women’s lack of access to civic space.
-Suggest effective methods to engage young people actively in the project’s activities and campaigns.
-Collaborate with the project team to ensure communication strategies align with other project initiatives and activities.
-To design an implementation strategy or work plan.
-Produce high-quality communication materials, including but not limited to videos, graphics, articles, social media content, and press releases.
-Coordinate with media outlets, influencers, and partners to amplify the project’s messages and reach a wider audience.
-Provide guidance on crisis communication and responses, especially concerning sensitive gender-related issues.
-Ensure that the communication strategy is gender-sensitive and inclusive, addressing the needs and perspectives of all genders.

Qualifications and Skills.

The ideal Communications Consultant should possess the following qualifications and skills.

-At least 5 – years of experience in developing successful communications strategies for social impact projects, preferably with a focus on gender-related issues.
-In-depth knowledge of gender justice, gender-based violence, and related topics.
-Familiarity with the challenges faced by young people in the context of gender inequality and discrimination.
-Demonstrated expertise in utilizing various communication channels, including social media, traditional media, and public events.
-Excellent writing and storytelling abilities with the capacity to create compelling and relatable content for diverse audiences.
-Strong networking skills and the ability to collaborate with media outlets, influencers, and stakeholders effectively.
–Knowledge of data-driven communication approaches to measure the impact of campaigns and strategies.
-Sensitivity to cultural differences and the ability to develop communication materials that resonate across diverse communities.
-Fluency in English (additional languages, especially local languages, is an advantage).


The communications consultancy is expected to span over 4 months, starting from August 2023. The consultant will work closely with the project team and report to the Project Officers.

Application Process.

Interested candidates are invited to submit the following via email to hr@reachahand.org copying info@reachahand.org

-Updated CV showcasing relevant experience and qualifications.
-Application Letter.

The deadline for Submission is the 4th of August.

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