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“2013” Get your mix out campaign – Mbwase
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“2013” Get your mix out campaign – Mbwase

Get your mix out! Campaign is a Behavior Change strategy targeting young people between the ages of 15 to 24 focusing on empowering young to understand their sexuality as they grow in order to make informed choices in life and understanding the aspects of HIV/AIDS. The Campaign shall be driven by a concept of the 5Ds that shall help young people elaborately understand and give young people tips on how to work hand in hand with their daily life challenges and how to deal with HIV/AIDS and understanding their sexuality as they grow.

The 5Ds are defined as follows;

  • Detect if you have the HIV virus and get well informed of your status,
  • Determine if you are positive, how you did get it and where you did catch the virus from. if your negative determine how to stay safe,
  • Disclose: your status because HIV/AIDS is a problem. Don’t fight it alone, involve others in its fight
  • Diffuse happenings and effects of HIV/AIDS get treatment/drugs if you are positive and keep yourself safe if your negative,
  • Deter the spread of the Virus and use all preventive measures to make sure you are not infected and you don

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