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Animator Wanted!
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Animator Wanted!

We are looking for a skilled animator who is ready to execute and design captivating, engaging videos for our brand. An animator who will bring our ideas to life through animation. Let’s work together to create animated content that will leave a lasting impression on our audience.

Terms Of Reference.


Reach a Hand Uganda is a youth-centred organisation focusing on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on Livelihoods & Skills Development, Behavior Change Communication, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. We are making timely efforts to ensure that every young person in Uganda has access to accurate information that will guide and assist them in making that important life decision regarding their live skills and development, behaviour change communication, and sexual reproductive health and rights.

Project Background:

Our organisation is committed to improving family planning globally, by providing accurate and accessible information to individuals and communities about their family planning options. To achieve this goal, we recognize the importance of creating high-quality, engaging, and informative animations that can effectively convey family planning concepts and messages to diverse global audiences. The Catalytic project  is a client-centred approach upholding the clients’ method  choices, confidentiality and client autonomy.  The catalytic project focuses on equipping and empowering all people most especially women with contraception knowledge with an emphasis on the self injectable method.

Objectives Of the Animation:

The objectives of the family planning animations are:

Reduction in the unmet need for family planning services with focus on self care in the 10 implementation districts.
To increase access to Sayana Press self injection through provision of accurate information and quality  self injection services  to people.
To increase knowledge and understanding of family planning concepts, methods, and options among diverse audiences.
To promote positive attitudes towards family planning and increase awareness of the benefits of family planning for individuals, families, and communities.
To empower individuals to make informed decisions about their fertility and to access the necessary services and resources to support their reproductive health and well-being.

Guidelines  and Requirements the Family Planning Animations:

To ensure that these family planning animations are effective in achieving these objectives, they will have to  adhere to the following guidelines:

Accuracy: The animations should accurately convey family planning concepts, methods, and options, based on current evidence-based research and best practices.

Clarity: The animations should be clear and easy to understand, using language and visuals that are appropriate for the target audience’s age, culture, and literacy level.

Engagement: The animations should be engaging and entertaining, using creative and innovative visuals, music, and storytelling techniques to capture the audience’s attention and interest.

Diversity and Inclusion: The animations should be culturally sensitive and inclusive, representing diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities, and avoiding harmful stereotypes or biases.

Empowerment: The animations should empower individuals to make informed decisions about their fertility, providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to access services and support.

Ethics: The animations should adhere to ethical principles, including informed consent, privacy, and confidentiality, and avoid stigmatising or discriminatory language or images.

Management Arrangements

RAHU will contract and supervise the animator  through the Programs Manager, Graphics designer  and the senior communications Officer. The animator  will work closely with the aforementioned people to provide quality assurance, control and guidance to the assignment to ensure that it meets RAHU standards.

The animator shall be paid a professional fee upon completion of his work.

Time Frame

The animator is expected to deliver by the first week of May.

Expected Deliverables

The Animator  will be required to present:

Delivery of  4 animated videos without compromising the video quality.
Provide a proposal of the flow of events and budget  in not more than two pages and how they expect to do their work.
Provide  draft script for approval by the RAHU team.


Interested parties should submit their profiles and financial proposals  via email with the subject: Catalytic Animations  to info@reachahand.org. Applications should be submitted no later than 19th April 2023.


Creating good family planning animations requires a commitment to accuracy, clarity, engagement, diversity and inclusion, empowerment, and ethics. By adhering to these guidelines, and evaluating the effectiveness of the animations based on these criteria, we can ensure that our family planning animations are effective in improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours related to family planning, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their fertility and reproductive health.

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