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#iKnowKati Lira 2018: Like Darasa Asked, What Do You Expect?
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#iKnowKati Lira 2018: Like Darasa Asked, What Do You Expect?

Well, we will more like answer Darasa than ask. It has been a year since we were here for #iKnowKati, and since we are back, we just might give you a quick preview of how exactly this is going to go down.

#iKnowKati is the famed hashtag for our iKnow campaign, a massive HIV/AIDS awareness campaign that involves the public and private sector to encourage and guide out of school young people to access testing and family planning services, and to make informed decisions.


For all reasons, we believe this is a more than justified cause. While there are 21,374 Lirans aged between 6-15 years that are out of school, there are also over 119,000 aged 15 years and above who did not pursue education after senior four (Ordinary Level) and are out in the community, working and being exposed to real life scenarios like sexual relationships and accidents at work that may result into exchange of bodily fluids. It is with these that our interest is invested in.

Given such a number of out of school young people, it is also important to note that up to 22% of households in the district are 5 kilometres (or more) away from any health facility, public or private. This means that it is definitely difficult to access health services easily. For a place with 30.4% aged between 15-29 years, someone ought to bring the health services closer; cue in the iKnow campaign.

As of 2017, the iKnow camapaign saw through 1,703 HIV tests carried out in Lira over the two days the service was offered. It also saw through the demonstration and distribution of multiple contraceptive options like IUDs, implants, Oral contraceptives, male and female condoms, to mention but a few.

This year, we are back to this place, and together with our partners, are intending to this bigger and better. So if you are in Lira, drag your friends to Mayor’s Gardens come Saturday. The best part is that iKnow is not only a health service provision campaign, so in typical RAHU style, we have lined up some of the finest artists in Uganda who will edutaine the masses with key HIV awareness messages and those groundbreaking on stage performances.

Nina Roz at the Kafu Stop on our way to Lira

Not in Lira? No reason to worry. The #iKnowKati hashtag is going to be on all social media platforms, so y’all do good and track it through. We promise you won’t miss a moment.

It is going to be another major show people. Make sure you are part of it (we already told you how)

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