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Men reaching out to men for Vasectomy. The Male Champion Model
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Men reaching out to men for Vasectomy. The Male Champion Model

Men plus is a one-year project that started in February 2019 by RAHU in collaboration with Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) which is aimed at increasing men’s involvement in Family Planning in Uganda through promoting access to and uptake of long-term and permanent Family Planning methods and services, through community outreaches, clinic-based interventions, group education sessions, online campaigns, and interpersonal communication between men in the different focus districts.

The project is reaching out to men and engaging them to play a more active role in planning smaller families and in Family Planning. In doing this we are reaching to men as:
Partners in Family Planning by helping out their spouse currently using or planning to take up a Family Planning method.
Users of Family Planning by taking up one of the Family Planning methods for men especially Vasectomy.
Champions of Family Planning by speaking to other men, addressing myths and misconceptions about Family Planning and encouraging them to use Family Planning.
Hillary Mugume is one of the Men currently reaching out to men in Mbarara district, addressing myths and misconception and giving answers to questions men have about Family Planning.
Hillary has so far interested over 35 men (in 34 days of activism) in Kashari and Rwampara in Mbarara district to take on the service and is not about to stop.

A father of three (3), Hillary says, following an experience of the burden he has had looking after children of his sisters and brothers, he decided to support Reach a Hand Uganda in Mobilizing and reaching out to men (1st, in his community) so they plan before giving birth and/or stop giving birth if one can not take care of the children they currently have.

“I go to the villages, look for these men, I talk to them about Family issues, I explain to them how getting involved in Family Planning will benefit them and their families, I address a number of myths and misconceptions they have about Family Planning especially Vasectomy and many accept to take on the service.

What I have realized along the way is that many men need the service but are not aware of it and have many myths attached to it which needs to be addressed. Some of them say that if one

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