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Need help !! Vivian a high school teacher
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Need help !! Vivian a high school teacher


my name is Vivian, am a teacher at some school in wakiso, at my school there is this guy I work with whom I talk to almost all the time in staffroom, compound.

Last Saturday, I and other teachers went out for a drink and we really got wasted that night and I could not even remember most of the things we did the following day…

But I slept over at this guy home and we had sex, I can’t even tell if it was protected or not I really don’t know!! what I was thinking, I was so soooo high, and now

I feel so guilty and embarrassed, I can never believe this Guy undressed me.  I don’t even know how I can face him at school…

Should I say something or rather just shut up and forget it happened because now he is behaving like we are in a relationship, am not even sure of my states…

I don’t wish anything between us again..

What do I do?

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