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Department: Finance, Operations & HR.
Duty Station: Kampala (1 position) Adjumani (1 position)
Reporting to: Senior Finance Officer
Position grading: This is an entry level position
Supervisory Roles: The Finance Officer will have no supervisory responsibility.

Job Purpose

The Finance Officer provides support to the Finance Department in finance management, with a focus on maintaining Books of Account, and producing and submitting accurate financial statements/information. Therefore, The Finance Officer’s role is to take charge of the financial health of RAHU by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements. And as such; is responsible for the day-to-day management of RAHU financial transactions and procedures.
The Finance Officer is charged with keeping accurate records for all daily transactions., preparing balance sheets, and processing invoices. The position holder should be familiar with audits, invoices and budget preparations, demonstrates interest in managing accounting activities, including bank reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable and; should also have excellent organisational skills and be able to handle time-sensitive tasks.

Summary of Key Result Areas and Responsibilities
a) Financial Accounting
b) Project Management – Manage Donor Program and Project Finances / Grants c) Payables, Receivables and Record Keeping
d) Financial Planning and Budget Management
e) Financial Reporting
f) General Duties and Responsibilities
g) Human Resource Management within Finance Department

Details of the Key Result Areas and Responsibilities
Financial Accounting
● Receive and review requisitions for payment, and ensure that they are reviewed and approved by appropriate budget holders and authorised signatories
● Raise payment vouchers for the various requisitions for the grants managed by the officer. ● Maintain financial records safely and accurately, and make sure the original vouchers are securely kept with relevant supporting documents and ensure there is a good filing system. ● Post all payments for the projects/ grants managed by the Officer in the QuickBooks system on a timely manner.
● Make monthly bank reconciliations for the projects/ grants managed by the Finance Officer and ensure that they are reviewed monthly.
● Raise journal vouchers for accountabilities submitted by field staff for working advances. ● Prepare budgets for project proposals working collaboratively with the programme staff as may be delegated by the Line Manager.
Project Management – Manage Donor Program and Project Finances / Grants Manage donor project finances under the control of the Finance Of icer as may be allocated from time to time by your line manager including:
● Prepare donor finance reports in a timely manner for projects managed by the Finance Officer.
● Monitor expenditures against the budget for projects managed by the Finance Officer, and prepare monthly project budget tracking reports and share them with the concerned programme staff.
● Where applicable, follow-up and review partner accountabilities as well as raising corresponding journal vouchers for projects managed by the Finance Officer. ● Follow up overdue accountabilities for funds advanced to partners
● Raise journal vouchers for working advance accountabilities submitted by field staff for the projects managed by the Officer.
● Maintain a list of assets bought by the project managed by the Finance Officer (project fixed assets register).
Payables, Receivables and Record Keeping
● Initiate and provide routine tracking and reporting procedures for all projects ● Process invoices and ensure timely initiation and management of transactions ● Record accounts payable and accounts receivable
● Document and file appropriately all accounting records
Financial Planning & Budget Management
● Assist with budget preparation / participate in the project and programme planning and budgeting processes
Financial Reporting
● Keep accurate records for all daily transactions
● Update internal systems with financial data
● Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
● Enhancement of Quickbooks

General Duties and Responsibilities
● Reconcile bank statements
● Prepare balance sheets
● Participate in financial audits
● Track bank deposits and payments
● Act as bank agent and provide administrative support to the finance department ● Ensure the implementation of financial policies and participate in their review ● Ensure compliance to finance and accounting procedures and policy compliance in the payment process
● Originate and comply with financial administrative procedures for all transactions at all times
● Provide support for the smooth and continuous running of the finance department as required.
Human Resource Management within the Finance Department
● Participate in overall departmental collaboration, learning and support
● Provide line management leadership, support, mentorship and evaluation of staff under their supervision – Accounts Assistants, Interns and Volunteers in the department ● Ensure progressive learning for ease on inter-departmental knowledge sharing
In addition to individual respective tasks, the Finance Officer will be expected: ● To adhere to RAHU values and to actively promote their application amongst colleagues. ● To undertake tasks in a creative, self-driven and innovative fashion.
● To identify and implement additional tasks/ideas of benefit to the organisation. ● To undertake any other duties commensurate with the level of the post and/or as may be assigned by the line manager / supervisor.

Key Relationships
● RAHU Head of Operations, Finance and Human Resources
● Line Manager – Senior Finance Officer
● All RAHU staff
● RAHU suppliers and service providers

● Undergraduate Degree BSc / B. Com / BBA in Finance, Accounting or Economics (Accounting or Finance Major) or their equivalent
● Professional qualification of an internationally recognized Professional Accounting Body as a CMA/CFA/CPA/CIMA is considered a plus
Job-Related Experience and Knowledge
● Proven work experience as a Finance Officer or similar role – of at least 2 years with a reputable public, private or commercial organisation, or NGO; with at least 1 year in a donor funded organisation
● Knowledge of Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP)
● Solid knowledge of financial and accounting procedures
● Knowledge of financial regulations
● Advanced MS Excel skills
● Experience using financial accounting software
● High level of ethical conduct
● Ability to use and/or willingness and interest to learn the use of SAGE, QuickBooks and Buyonic financial systems

Skills and Attributes
The Finance Of icer is expected to have the following skills and attributes:
● Working knowledge of computerised accounting
● Knowledge of Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP)
● Skills in the application of the QuickBooks accounting package
● Timely and secure filing of accounting records
● Organising skills
● Assertiveness and Personal Empowerment
● High degree of integrity and honesty
● Strong ethics, with an ability to manage confidential data
● Ability to work as a team, to take instructions and adhere to regulations and rules ● Good sense of self-respect
● Excellent analytical and numerical skills
● Sharp time management skills, speed and accuracy
● risk analysis, mitigation and management skills strategic planning, critical thinking and forecasting skills
● Financial Analysis skills
● Multi-tasking abilities
● Capacity to work under tight deadlines
● Ability to effectively lead, supervise, mentor, develop and evaluate staff ● Willingness, ability and interest to learn and be challenged
● Committed to the Vision of RAHU
● Ability to support the delivery of the Mission and Values of RAHU


To apply for this role, please send via email a 1-page cover letter explaining why you are the right candidate for this role and a maximum of a 2-page CV to hr@reachahand.org
Deadline: Monday, 30th January 2023
Note: The role is open to only alumni of the RAHU Peer educators Academy.

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