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Lucky Bloke is revolutionizing the conversation around condom use. Informing and educating both men and women about safer sex options aids in correcting pervasive myths (i.e.: condoms are one-size-fits-all; only detract from pleasure) and paves the way for consistent, successful, and pleasurable condom use. Informed by in-house condom research studies that include thousands of couples in over 35 countries, LB guides people toward finding the best condom fit and style for their individual needs.

An essential takeaway of LB’s condom research is that understanding condom fit is key to enabling greater pleasure for condom users. LB raises global awareness about condom innovation, quality and proper fit. Not only does LB offer superior condoms and lubes from around the world - by continuously providing personalized, non-patronizing safer sex education, LB strives to create an empowering environment where safety and pleasure become a realistic expectation instead of a negotiation.

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