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#ItsNotOnItsNotSafe Party, another shindig
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#ItsNotOnItsNotSafe Party, another shindig

Condoms are incredibly important, for obvious reasons like bypassing any baby-mama drama, and for preventing the transmission of any pesky STIs. Some people don’t put a latex sock on it despite the benefits. So, to make sure every young person has safe sex for a healthy future, Reach A Hand together with UHMG, UNFPA and Talent Africa are throwing a condom party. Expect amazing edutainment, loads of food and drinks.

The #itsnotonitsnotsafe campaign that has been running for the last 12 months, emphasising consistent and correct condom use as dual protection measure against unwanted/ unplanned pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The campaign highlights the male and female condoms, how they are used and where they can be found. We tackled different Sexually Transmitted Diseases, effects of adolescent pregnancy and the correlation between substance abuse and sex. Our engaging Peer Educators interviewed different stakeholders and had videos shared on their own social media platforms. The engagement from the public in regards to the campaign through asking questions, sharing opinions and experiences was amazing.

The party will start at 6:00pm (EAT) and run till late on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at Sky Lounge Rooftop bar. Feel free to RSVP herehttp://itsnotonitsnotsafe.eventbrite.com and get in on the #ItsNotOnItsNotSafe party

Watch the video of the campaign song below;

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