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“As a musician who aims to inspire society through my music it’s my duty to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and having the opportunity to do it through this song was a win, because music reaches so many different people in society” Lydia Jazmine

We listen to music everyday. In taxis, office, at home, in clubs and at all kinds of parties. But how many of those songs have a message that inspires us? Reach A Hand Uganda, through the Musical Project, works with musicians (local and international) who want to send out a positive message through music. The RAHU Cultural Icons are people that young people look up to, listen to and aspire to be like.

They include Lydia Jazmine, Ray Signature, Jody Phibi, Maurice Hassa and Nyanda Thorbourne among others. One of the songs recorded is If Its Not On Its Not Safe advocating for correct and consistent condom use. Read More

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