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Men And Babie
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Men And Babie

#Midwives4All The first soothing touch you ever felt did not belong to your mother. Not even to your father. Those hands belonged to a midwife, or a birth attendant depending on where you were born. A woman who experiences the thrill of life coming forth every single day. Unfortunately, not many young people are exposed to midwifery as a career choice during career guidance workshops so many opt for it as a last resort. The fifth Millennium Development Goal (MDG) aims to reduce the maternal mortality ratio by 75% between 1990 and 2015. How do men fit into this fight? Gloria Nanfuka, a radio presenter on 95.9 Touch FM, writes an interesting blog on maternal health and midwifery. Read more…

Find below other blogs and articles on the campaign by African Woman Magazine, Daily Monitor, New Vision and our very own Peer educator

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