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Navigating the path to SRHR services and information- How E- referral cards are making access to SRHR information and services easy and confidential.
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Navigating the path to SRHR services and information- How E- referral cards are  making access to SRHR information and services easy and confidential.

Navigating the path to SRHR services and information- How E- referral cards are  making access to SRHR information and services easy and confidential.

When it comes to seeking medical advice on sensitive issues like mental health, sexual and reproductive health, substance abuse etc,  the thought of going to a hospital and explaining myself to a doctor can be quite daunting. I personally share this sentiment and prefer speaking about such matters with my siblings or buddies. That’s why my excitement was over the roof when I discovered the E-referral cards by Reach A Hand Uganda – a true relief

This E-Referral system enables young people to access sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) services with ease and without compromising confidentiality or facing any sort of stigma. It is designed to offer confidentiality and anonymity of the client with use of an electronic referral card, which is embedded with QR code technology.

How it works? Let me break it down for you:

A young person in need of SRHR services reaches out to a peer educator or vice versa.
The peer educator utilises the Sautiplus app to generate an E-referral card for the young person. The peer educator utilises the Sautiplus app to refer clients/SRHR survivors to the nearest health facilities by the use of the e-referral card.
The E-referral card includes the individual’s name, contact information,reason for referral, DOB, and the type of SRHR services required.
The peer uses the SAUTIplus app to make a referral which is electronically sent to the health facilities  and the patient just presents the card to the health worker to receive the services since all the details are already captured during the time of the referral by the peer.
Upon arrival, the healthcare worker scans the E-referral card, instantly retrieving the young person’s information, including the specific SRHR services needed.
The healthcare worker may seek more information and provide further counselling with the   necessary services without requiring the young person to answer any personal questions.
I love this whole  System because it ensures confidentiality, making it a user-friendly avenue for me and many other young people like me, who have the fear of speaking out and up with doctors and health practitioners. It also offers information, support and referrals in case one wants to report cases like violence of all forms.

I have been doing some research and what’s truly remarkable is the system’s success rate. In just the first six months of implementation, over 1,000 young people were referred to health facilities for SRHR services. So I speak Facts when I say that this system has effectively reduced the stigma associated with seeking SRHR services, fostering easier access to information and support for many young people especially in Rural parts of Uganda

And It’s no secret that many young people, particularly in rural Uganda, face challenges such as stigma, lack of privacy and confidentiality, and limited accessibility when it comes to their healthcare needs. The E-Referral cards aim to address these gaps in healthcare: assessment of quality of service, tracking of referrals and services offered, gaps between demand and supply.

Here is what stands out the most for me with this system:

Confidentiality:You can access SRHR services without worrying about your privacy being compromised.
Convenience: The system is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere.
Support: Who doesn’t need a good support system? Peer educators and healthcare workers are available to provide information and support.
Accessibility: The system operates in all the districts where Reach A Hand Uganda is present, ensuring access for young people across the region.
Lastly, and most importantly, this incredible service is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these E-referrals Cards. Is this a service you would consider using? Feel free to share your opinions and let me know if there are any other topics you’d like us to speak about.  Have yourself an amazing week friends!

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