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Reflection and Renewal at our Staff retreat.
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Reflection and Renewal at our Staff retreat.

As we kicked off the new decade, we felt it was important for us as an organisation, to hit the refresh button. Get back to the drawing board and re-strategize on how to achieve our bigger picture, reach more young people and fulfil our mandate.

Aside from the fun moments where we got to share rib-cracking laughter and break a sweat, we had moments to brainstorm and innovate on what we can do better as a youth-led team. As we geared up for what we believe is our decade, we resolved that understanding our dynamic terrain of operation is key.

The retreat was a moment to not only bond as a team but also get geared up for the new year as we planned new implementation strategies for our different programs. We can’t wait to impact more lives across the country this year. It was also a moment of reflection regarding an individual improvement to contribute to the big picture that the team envisions.

The sail on Lake Victoria had the team run through a rollercoaster of emotions. For some, it was thrilling, for others, simply soothing and a few of team members it was a

pack their phobia of being on the water. Regardless, we all overcame. The days that followed, challenged us and pushed us to work together as a team, with games like the amazing race, Zip-lining and an adventure course that had us feeling like we were on the set of the popular TV show, Ninja Warriors.

We each returned with a greater hunger and desire to transform the lives of young people. Determined to do more and give sparkle to our initiatives and programs. A renewed passion for execution and implementation.

Much thanks to our partners and everyone that contributes to the work we do in the different communities.


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