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Voices For Health
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Voices For Health

Voices for Health is an advocacy project supported by Planned Parenthood Global and it’s implemented by a consortium of four partners with each playing a unique role. Partners for the Voices for Health project include; RAHU, CEHURD, UHMG, and PICOT.

It addresses and advocates for legal and policy reform, and budget allocation, and engages decision-makers at the district level to prioritize young people’s access to SRHR information and services by raising awareness and the profile of advocacy issues to create an environment that is more supportive of SRHR services delivery.

One of the objectives of the voices for health project is to address the SRHR  challenges that young people face in life and it also addresses the diverse health needs of young people most especially learners in a well-structured and systematic manner through the National School Health policy.

Reach a Hand Uganda as an implementing partner under voices for health, worked and is still working towards building a  generation of young people and building their capacities, and ensuring their participation in advocacy for policies and services that directly affect their lives. Both at a grassroots level and online. This is because we believe that young people play a crucial role in advocating for  Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, as only they are able to voice their realities and the numerous SRHR challenges they face.

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